Here's What's New in Citavi 5

Subscribe to searches as RSS feeds

Annotate PDF documents

Find full text for journal articles faster

Organize references in groups

Save searches within a project

View recently imported references

Citavi for DBserver

And more!


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Subscribe to searches as RSS feeds

The new welcome screen not only gives you a better overview of the last projects used, your settings, and your license information. It also helps you stay-up-to date with a built-in RSS feed reader. When you're searching a database, you can save your search as an alert or RSS feed and enter it in Citavi. Every time you start Citavi, you'll see the latest articles on your topic.


Annotate PDF files

We’ve now made it much easier to read, annotate, and analyze full texts in PDF format:

  • Highlight important text passages in Citavi.
  • Link quotations and tasks to a specific place in the text, so you can quickly find a passage again when you begin writing your paper -- from the Word Add-In as well.
  • It works the other way as well -- directly display comments or tasks by clicking the place in the text they refer to.
  • Save tables and images from a PDF as image quotations.
  • Quickly add keywords to a reference by using the keywords in the PDF file.
  • Import highlights created with another PDF program (for example, on a tablet) so that you can work away from your laptop or desktop computer.
  • Export annotations into the PDF file, to make the information available to others or in order to work with the document on another device.

In addition, we’ve improved the use of PDF files throughout Citavi:

  • In the reference list a paperclip icon lets you know if a local copy of the full text is available.
  • For each project you can now define where your local files, including PDF files, image quotations, and cover images, should be saved. Select a Onedrive or DropBox folder to access your PDF files wherever you go.
  • In the preview the displayed page and the zoom settings are now retained if you switch to another reference and then back or if you restart Citavi. The settings are even retained if you open the PDF file in an external PDF program.


Find Full Text Faster

The "Find full text" feature is now faster than ever before. You now can also continue working in Citavi while the search runs in the background.


Organize references in groups

In Citavi 5 you can now organize items with groups. How do groups differ from categories or keywords? Categories and keywords always have some association with the content of your references. Groups can help you organize your work or sort references in a way unrelated to their contents. For example, you could create the groups "Seminal texts" and "Special topics". Or you could organize your quotations with the groups "important", "possibly useful" and "contradictory".


Save Searches

Are you always looking for the same information in your project? By saving your searches you can now work more efficiently.


View Recently Imported References

Which references did you import from an online search and when? You can now find the answer to this question using the filter "Import groups".


Citavi for DBServer

This new edition for database servers is primarily meant for our organizational users:
In Citavi for DBServer, project files are saved in a server database rather than in a file. This makes it possible for large teams to work on projects at the same time, and it makes user and license administration easier. The DBServer Manager makes administering server projects a breeze.

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And more!

Improved Layout Options

The commands for changing the program layout can now be reached more directly. This makes it easier to quickly switch between different layouts.


Filter for Knowledge Items

You can now filter knowledge items in the Knowledge Organizer just like you can in the Reference Editor. This lets you work more easily with a selection of your knowledge items.


Online Search

You can now save search queries after performing a search. In addition, your search terms remain if you perform another search right away. This lets you easily modify a search if you initially had too many results.


EPUB Support

The EPUB e-book format can now be displayed in the Citavi preview and saved in PDF format (just like a website) so that it can then be annotated.


New Backups

Backups are no longer saved as .zip files but in the Citavi backup format. This makes it possible to restore a backup by double-clicking it. The restored project is automatically saved in the correct project folder.


Citation Styles

We've added a number of special conditions for the formatting of references and bibliographies to the Citation Style Editor. Previously, these conditions had to be inserted manually using the macro editor.


Upgrade Guide for Citavi 4 Users

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What's New in Version 5.1

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What's New in Version 5.2

  • Pan mode can now be used when viewing PDFs in the Citavi preview pane.
  • In the Word Add-In, references are now hyperlinked to the corresponding entry in the bibliography. Learn more in the Citavi manual.
  • Bug fixes.

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What's New in Version 5.3

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What's New in Version 5.4

  • Citavi now supports all screen resolutions, including 200% and higher.
  • Citavi can now use 3 GB RAM if necessary. Previously, Citavi could only use up to 1.5 GB RAM.
  • When importing new references in the Import window, duplicates can now be viewed together by clicking the Duplicates column header.
  • Bug fixes.

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What's New in Version 5.5

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What's New in Version 5.6

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What's New in Version 5.7 

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What's New in Version 5.7.1 

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