A Perfect Match

Citavi and libraries were made
for each other . In many academic
libraries Citavi courses are a
core offering.

A common purpose

Academic libraries and Citavi share the same goal: supporting the research and education of the institution's members.


Information literate

Citavi is ideal for your library's instructional sessions. When you teach Citavi, you’re also teaching how to search for sources, use the library, join ideas, and cite correctly. In Citavi, OPACs, link resolvers, and research databases are only a click away.


Get the most out of Citavi with a site license

In Germany over 80% of universities have a site license.

See what all the fuss is about:

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Why Citavi?

Citavi makes life easier.

The Citavi courses offered by the university library
are often completely full.

University Library Passau,
Bib-aktuell, Summer semester 2013, p. 3

Much more than just another reference management tool, Citavi supports every step of the research process.

Despite its complexity, Citavi is not hard to learn. Citavi is so easy to use that you can master the basics in no time at all.

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What Our Users Have to Say

In August 2014 we asked over 1,300 users why they use Citavi:

"With Citavi I can work
more efficiently and in a
more organized way."

"Citavi has saved me a great deal of time."

"Using Citavi gives me greater confidence when completing research projects."

81% say: 'With Citavi I can work more efficiently and in a more organized way.' 70% say: 'Citavi has saved me a great deal of time.' 65% say: 'Using Citavi gives me greater confidence when completing research projects.'

Legend: yes Yes

Legend: no No

Legend: Not sure Not sure


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Instructional Materials

Getting Started Guide

Download PDF, 4 pages

Would you like to customize the Getting Started Guide for your university? Just send us a request for the Word version.



Using Citavi 5 for your Research Project

PDF file, 63 pages - If you would like to customize the tutorial for use at your university, please send us a request for the text in Word format.



Online Manual


Everything you could ever want to know about Citavi, including a fact sheet and more than 50 illustrated step-by-step guides in our Getting Started chapter.



Citavi Step-by-Step

Overview, PDF, 1 page



Course Slides

A Short Introduction to Citavi 5, PPTX, 12 slides

You're welcome to customize these presentations for your own courses. View our screenshot series for more inspiration.



Practice Exercises

Word document with 10 exercises and their solutions



Example Research Paper

Word document

This document can be used with the example project
"DEMO Information Literacy" to demonstrate the
Word Add-In's features.




ZIP file with PowerPoint slides and guide

Use these to promote Citavi instructional sessions at your library.




Video guides can be found on our Youtube channel. Subscribe to www.youtube.com/citaviteam.




Additional texts, screenshots, logos, and buttons

These promotional materials can be used on your website.


Monthly Campus Newsletter

Site license customers receive a monthly newsletter with usage statistics and Citavi news and information relevant to academic libraries.


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