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Over 200 academic institutions offer a Citavi site license. Site licenses entitle the entire college or university community – students, faculty, and staff – to use Citavi for their research and studies.

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Citavi is ideal for knowledge-oriented organizations. Many companies, law firms, and research departments use Citavi, as do government agencies, non-profit organizations, and NGOs.

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What Our Users Have to Say

In August 2014 we asked over 1,300 users why they use Citavi:

"With Citavi I can work
more efficiently and
in a more organized way."

"Citavi has saved me
a great deal of time."

"Using Citavi gives me greater confidence when
completing research projects."

81% say: 'With Citavi I can work more efficiently and in a more organized way.' 70% say: 65% say:

Legend: yes Yes

Legend: no No

Legend: Not sure Not sure


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User Comments



Jeremy Rose, Elizabeth, CO
I have tried to use other citation products and even paid for others but Citavi blows them out of the water! What a great product you have!

Professor Stefano Adamo
I tried many reference management programs, both for the Windows and the Mac platform, and I must say that no one gets near to Citavi for com­plete­ness, ease of use and efficiency.
Moreover, the integrated "knowledge organization" and "task planner" are truly killer features!

Helene Silkjær, University of Aarhus
Citavi is the best reference-and-much-more-than-that-program ever! I have been working with ** and *** also. None of those can stand [up to] Citavi. Citavi sets your mind free to think and be creative.

Lars Aprin, University of Wuppertal
Citavi is – and I say this after having gathered lots of experience with other citation and reference management programs – simply ingenious. It supports researchers with exactly the features they most deeply desire.

Professor Alfonso García Tobío, University of Santiago de Compostela
After trying out a large number of similar programs, my conclusion is that Citavi is the most comprehensive reference management program out there – by far.



Moein Eslami, Goethe University Frankfurt
Honestly, since I have installed this software, my research work has really changed. It’s user friendly with sophisticated functions, just perfect.

Joanna Blahopoulou, Munich
I have seldom – never, actually! – seen a program that is so easy to use and tailored to the user’s needs. It’s simple without comp­romising versatility.

Dagmar Reiche, Sprachquadrat
If all programs were so easy to use, it would save people a lot of frustration.

Lydia Mladenova
Citavi has features you didn’t even dare dream of! What really thrills me is that it confirms my belief: work really can be fun!

Professor Claus Koss, Regensburg University of Applied Sciences
There's one thing Citavi thankfully can't replace: thinking for yourself. But it helps enormously with that as well.


Unparalleled Support

Frances Aranda, University of Illinois at Chicago
I really appreciate the customer service you and your company have provided since I purchased your program. It truly shows the importance of your customers and their concerns.

Jens Kleinert, German Sport University Cologne
In the IT industry I have never before experienced a support team that responds in such a quick, competent, and friendly manner and that reacts to the user's individual needs and offers solutions tailored to their problems.

Elke Meier, Wycliffe Global Alliance
Citavi's support team is the best of all of the software companies I've ever been in contact with!

Ayca Uzel, Ankara
Thank you very much for your kind interest and the fastest response that could be received from any support team in the software world!

Karolin Höhl, Dr. Rainer Wild-Stiftung
The especially good, quick, and friendly support offered by the whole Citavi team deserves a special mention. Your customer service sets a great example.



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