Beyond Reference Management

With Citavi you can search resources from around the world, create tasks, analyze texts, save quotations and ideas, create outlines for drafts and write reports, articles, or books - faster and more efficiently than you ever thought possible. Citavi is the only tool of its type this comprehensive and the only program that supports the entire research process.


Teamwork Your Way

With Citavi you can work on your own research projects or collaborate with others. Use Citavi to create a repository of journal articles and documentation that all members can use for their individual work.
Try it out for yourself!


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What Our Users Have to Say

In August 2014 we asked over 1,300 users why they use Citavi:

"With Citavi I can work
more efficiently and in a
more organized way."

"Citavi has saved me a
great deal of time."

"Using Citavi gives me greater confidence when completing
research projects."

81% say: 'With Citavi I can work more efficiently and in a more organized way.' 70% say: 65% say:

Legend: yes Yes

Legend: no No

Legend: Not sure Not sure


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Why Citavi?

Swiss Made

I tried many reference management programs
and I must say that no one gets near to Citavi for completeness, ease of use and efficiency.
Moreover, the integrated "knowledge organization"
and "task planner" are truly killer features!

–  Dr. Stefano Adamo

Explore Over 4000 Resources

With Citavi you can search the databases of major information providers and library catalogs from around the world, including your institution's OPAC. Websites and results from Google Scholar can be imported with just a click.


Evaluate PDF Files

Citavi imports PDFs and automatically searches for corresponding bibliographic information online. In Citavi you can highlight important text passages.


Keep Track of What You Read

Quotations from digital texts can be saved with a click, and a pen scanner can be used for printed sources. Comments and ideas can be added as well. Everything you save in Citavi is available for later use in current and future projects.


Integrated Task Planning

Citavi helps you keep track of the everyday tasks in academic research, such as obtaining materials and evaluating texts, as well as long-term project goals.


One-of-a-Kind: The Knowledge Organizer

Multi-level category systems make it easy to systematically structure (and rearrange) references, quotations, and thoughts. Using categories to outline a paper ensures that you have everything you need before you start writing - all your references, quotations, and thoughts are arranged exactly in the order you need them.


Writing Made Easy

Citavi‘s Add-In for Microsoft Word makes sure you cite correctly and automatically creates a bibliography in the citation style of your choice. Citavi’s Publication Assistant can be used with OpenOffice Writer or popular LaTeX editors.


On Your Own or in a Team

With Citavi for Windows you can work alone or collaborate with a small group on shared projects at the same time. Citavi for DBServer lets large teams work on Citavi projects on an SQL database server.


Our Support Team is Always Ready
to Offer a Helping Hand

...if you need it! Citavi is so easy to use that you can master the basics in no time at all.


Citavi Might Not Cost You a Penny

If your college or university has a site liecense, you can use Citavi free of charge. Check here.

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Personal Assistance

✆ 0041 43 888 20 77

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Your Contact Person: Hans Siem Schweiger

Industrial sales representative, certified lawyer, and Citavi's biggest fan.



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University Site Licenses

for students, faculty, and staff

To get your personal license key, just click the name of your university and follow the instructions. Be sure to tell others, because they may not know!


Don’t see your university? Tell your library or IT department that site licenses for Citavi are available. You can also learn more about site licenses.

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