...and More Fun!

Too much information? Perfect!

Citavi helps you manage your sources and search for new ones – in your university's library catalog, too.


Avoid chaos — and plagiarism

Highlight important text passages in PDFs and click to save them in Citavi, along with their source information and page numbers.


Structure your work

Categorize your quotations and thoughts in Citavi.
Chapter by chapter you'll create an outline for your paper without even trying.


And then Citavi writes your paper for you

Well, not exactly. Still, with Citavi's Word Add-In you can insert all of your saved quotations and thoughts directly into your document.



Insert a citation and Citavi automatically creates a bibliography in the citation style you've chosen.

Citavi sets your mind free

to think and be creative.

Helene Silkjær, Aarhus Universitet


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Your Study Companion

Citavi isn't just meant for big writing projects. Throughout your studies it helps you keep track of all the texts you read: lecture notes, articles, books, etc.


With highlights, quotations, and summaries you can easily remember the significance of important text passages later on.


You'll quickly build a knowledge base you can draw upon for future research projects.

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What Our Users Have to Say

In August 2014 we asked over 1,300 users why they use Citavi:

"With Citavi I can work
more efficiently and in
a more organized way."

"Citavi has saved me
a great deal of time."

"Using Citavi gives me greater confidence when completing
research projects."

81% say: 'With Citavi I can work more efficiently and in a more organized way.' 70% say: 65% say:

Legend: yes Yes

Legend: no No

Legend: Not sure Not sure


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You can Purchase
Citavi or ...

... you can use it for free!

Over two-thirds of students, faculty, and staff at German-speaking universities can use Citavi for free. There are hardly any major universities that do not have a site license.

To request a personal license key, click the name of your university in the list of existing site licenses and follow the instructions you see. A couple minutes later you'll receive your Citavi license free of charge.


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