Request a Citation Style for Citavi

Request a Citation Style for Citavi

If only an existing citation style needs to be corrected or updated, please use this form instead.

These are our specifications:

(a) The Citavi Team will gladly create a citation styles for you, as long as it is the official style of a periodical or publisher and as long as author guidelines are online available.
Please note that we do not create "house styles" for individual users, departments, or one-time events, such as conferences.

(b) The style is required for Citavi 6. We do not create styles for older Citavi versions.

(c) There is a charge for the creation of a citation style, although we only pass on the internal costs (240 €).

(d) We reserve the right to refuse a citation style request. This may occur if the documentation is incomplete or the programming effort would be disproportionately high.

(e) Please allow approximately 28 days for processing. If you request multiple citation styles, please note that the creation times will accumulate.