What Does "Activated Until" Mean?

Site licenses have an expiration date. Site licenses have an expiration date. This date is displayed in the Activated until field.

If this date occurs while you're still a member of the organization, you do not need to worry. At least 60 days before the "activated until" date, you will find a new license key in your Citavi account. You will receive an email informing you that the new license key is available. You then just need to enter the new license key in Citavi.

If your organization does not renew its site license for Citavi, or if you leave the organization, Citavi will continue to run as Citavi Free. In Citavi Free you can:

Citavi Free thus has the complete functionality of Citavi for Windows, with one limitation: you cannot save if you have more than 100 references in all open projects.