Creating Tasks

You can add your own tasks to Citavi's default list of tasks, such as present to team, submit proposal, or send corrections.

Each task you create will only be available in the project it was created in. It will automatically disappear from the list of task types if it's no longer being used by any reference.

Adding a Task to a Single Reference

  1. In the Reference Editor find the reference you want to add a task to.
  2. Switch to the Taskstab.
  3. Click Addnew_o_black
  4. Click New tasknew_black.
  5. Select a task type from the list.
  6. Set the due date and importance if desired.
  7. If you are working in a team, you can assign a task to another team member. Click Assigned to/on. Select the person from the list.
  8. Instead of or in addition to using a due date, you can also set the task's importance.
  1. Click OK. okay_o_black


If you do not want to enter details about a task, click Routine tasks.