Advanced Search within a Project

You can enter multiple search terms in the search field and use operators, parentheses, and quotation marks to improve and/or narrow your search. To search for multiple grammatical forms of a word, truncate the word with an asterisk.

You can combine search terms with OR, AND, NOT: (Braden OR Burton) AND (food AND NOT "fraud*") .



Searching for "fraud" will deliver results that contain exactly this term.

Searching for "food fraud" will find this exact phrase.

Truncating "fraud*"will find other variants of the term, such as fraudulent.

Searching for food AND fraudwill deliver results that contain both of these exact terms.

Searching for food OR fraud will deliver results containing exactly one or the other of these terms.

To exclude a term, use the operator NOT.Searching for "food" AND NOT "fraud" will deliver results containing the exact term food, excluding those containing the exact term fraud.

Use NEAR((food, fraud), 2) to find results in which the first term appears no more than two words after the second term.


Please note:

Operators (AND, OR, NOT) must be in ALL CAPS.
Truncation with an asterisk * is only possible at the end of a word, not at the beginning or in the middle.
Searches with a question mark ? are not supported.