Selecting a Citation Style

The citation style you select determines how your citations and bibliography will look. For example:

Selecting a new citation style

  1. In the Citavi Assistant click Options settings_black.
  2. Click Citation style.
  3. Enter the name of the citation style in the Name field or use other criteria to search for a style that fulfills your requirements.
  4. Select the style you want.
  5. Click OK. okay_o_black

Please note:

Word's performance depends to a large extent on which citation style you are using. Some footnote styles need to compare each new reference to all the others before and after it, for example, those that insert cross references to other footnotes, those that use abbreviations for repeated authors, and those that suppress certain reference types in the bibliography.
If you would like to increase performance speed in the Citavi Assistant you have two options: on the Options menu, you can clear the "Apply citation style formatting automatically" checkbox or you can temporarily select the "No bibliography" option. Or, you can work with a simple footnote style while writing your paper. Later on you can switch to the more complex style.