Creating a TeX Document

Citavi allows you to add citations to your TeX document with the relevant BibTeX key and to create the BibTeX file that your TeX program requires to format your final document. Citavi itself does not format your in-text citations, footnotes, and bibliography. Instead, these tasks are managed by the citation style you select in LaTeX.

  1. Create a TeX document with the editor of your choice.
  2. Export a BibTeX file from Citavi Web.
  3. Save the BibTeX file in your LaTeX project folder.
  4. Enter the style and name of the BibTeX file, for example:
  5. To add sources to your TeX document, type one of the citation commands (e.g. \cite) and then enter the first few letters of the first author's last name. This corresponds to the BibTeX key used by Citavi Web.
  6. Most LaTeX editors have an autocomplete function, which will then supply further information for matching entries from the BibTeX file.
  7. You can copy Knowledge items from Citavi Web and paste them into your TeX document as needed.