Highlighting with Main Idea (Red Highlights)

Use red highlights to highlight an important text passage and to quickly save its main idea as a core statement in Citavi. Red highlights make it easy to save the most important ideas in a text with the page numbers on which they were discussed.

This is a very efficient method for working through texts. You don't have to highlight any passages in yellow, write any paraphrases or summaries, or consider whether or not to save a word-for-word quote. You can make those decisions later, when you are writing your paper. Simply clicking Show in PDF Icon: Show in PDF takes you from the Knowledge workspace or from Citavi's Word Add-in right back to the passage marked in red while you are writing your paper. Then you can decide whther a brief reference is sufficient, or whether you need to paraphrase or quote the text.

Quickly highlight in red

  1. Click the red highlighter icon:highlight_red
  2. The highlighter is now »in use«. You can highlight interesting passages in the text as you read.
  3. Your highlight is saved as a Core statement and appears on the Quotations & comments tab. Ideally, you won't need to make changes, especially if you've highlighted a term or succinct idea. Enter categories, groups, keywords, and page numbers as needed.

Alternating between red highlights and other methods of annotation

Once the red highlighter is enabled, it stays enabled. Sometimes you might want to switch between red highlighting and the other annotation options. If this is the case, use the text selection tool.

  1. Use the text selection tool to select the text you want to highlight: Icon: Text Selection Tool
  2. Click the red highlighter:highlight_red
  3. Citavi highlights the text in red and creates a new Quotation in your project, which consists of only a Core statement. This is composed of the first few words in the selection. You should ideally change the core statement to better reflect your understanding of the text passage.