Importing from Mendeley

Citavi can import references from Mendeley as long as the Mendeley library was exported in BibTeX format.

Preparing a file for import

  1. Create a folder on your computer for all the files you are gathering for import.
  2. Open Mendeley Desktop.
  3. Press the F5 key to synchronize your local database with your online database.
  4. On the File menu click Export.
  5. Select all the references in your Mendeley library.
  6. Select My Collection as your file name. (This file name is required!) Select BibTeX (*.bib) as the file type.
  7. Click Save . Save the file My Collection.bib to the folder you created in Step 1 above.
  8. Find your PDF files on your computer and copy them to the folder you created in Step 1.
  9. Create a ZIP file from the folder containing your PDFs and BIB files.
    Windows: Right-click the folder. Select Send to. Select Compressed (zipped) folder. This will create a file with the same name as your folder, but with the ZIP file extension.
    Mac: Hold down the Ctrl key. Click the folder. Click Compress items. This will create a file named


In order for Citavi Web to import the data, the BIB file must not exceed 20 MB. You may first need to break the Mendeley database into smaller databases and import them individually.

Completing the import

  1. Open your Citavi project.
  2. Click Add. new_o_black
  3. Select Another reference management program.
  4. Choose Mendeley.
  5. Click Browse. Select the ZIP file you prepared.