Managing Your Keyword List

In the keyword list, you can delete unused keywords, merge similar keywords, or add notes to keywords.

  1. Click the gear symbol settings_black.
  2. Under Lists, click Keywords.

Deleting keywords

  1. Highlight the keyword you wish to delete.
  2. Click Delete delete_o_black.
  3. Click OK okay_o_black to delete the keyword.

Please note:

This action cannot be undone. Instead, it would be necessary to create the keyword anew and assign it to the desired references or Knowledge Items.

Merging keywords

You can merge two keywords that are synonyms ("adult", "grown-up") into one keyword ("adult"). All the references that previously were assigned either keyword will then be assigned the merged keyword.

  1. Select one of the two keywords.
  2. Click Merge merge.
  3. In the Keyword 2 field, enter the synonymous keyword.
  4. Click Search find_black_left.
  5. Highlight the desired keyword.
  6. Under Merge, select the keyword you wish to keep.
  7. Click OK okay_o_black to merge the two keywords. Citavi will delete the alternate keyword.

Adding notes

The Notes field for a keyword can be used for various purposes:

  1. Highlight the desired keyword.
  2. Click Edit edit_black.
  3. Fill out the Notes field.
  4. Click OK. okay_o_black