Merging spelling variations

The Merge function is useful in many situations, for example:

These repetitions and variations can be merged together into the same entry.


This action cannot be undone.

  1. Click the gear symbol settings_black.
  2. Select the appropriate list: k=Keywords, Persons and organizations, Periodicals, Series, Publishers, or Libraries.
  3. Click Merge merge.
  4. Select an item from the list, e.g. the author Miller, Patricia C.
  5. Use the search field to find the other item(s), e.g. Miller, Patricia Catherine.
  6. Select which item to keep, e.g. Miller, Patricia Catherine.
  7. Click OK okay_o_black. Citavi will merge the entries and delete the item you did not elect to keep (e.g. Miller, Patricia C.) All the references that were previous associated with this item will now be associated with the other item (e.g. Miller, Patricia Catherine).  

Please note:

If you merge two personal names that were both previously listed in the same field (e. g. Author), the name will be appear twice in this field after merging. You will need to manually delete the repeated name.