How Citavi Can Help

The name Citavi comes from the Latin "I cited". Fittingly, Citavi is a software program for reference management and knowledge organization.

Citavi supports you with every step of the academic research process

With Citavi you can search over 4000 library catalogs and research databases. Easily import your search results into your Citavi project. For books you have piled on your desk, simply enter the ISBN number, and Citavi will add all the citation information to your project: author, title, publisher, year of publication – and sometimes even the cover art and a short summary. The same is true of journal articles that have a DOI address or PMID.

How information becomes knowledge

Citavi offers various tools to help you separate important information from the unimportant and to combine it with existing knowledge. With Citavi, you can easily sort and access references by categories and keywords. You can identify, save, and organize important quotations and combine them with your own thoughts, ideas, and drafts. Citavi helps you develop and increase the state of your knowledge in a targeted and goal-oriented way.

Putting knowledge on paper 

The last step is naturally a finished paper or publication. Citavi works with Word. Just click to insert references, quotations, and thoughts into your document. Citavi automatically creates a bibliography for the references cited in your paper.