Finding Bibliographic Information by ISBN or DOI

If the Picker recognizes an ISBN or DOI address on a webpage, the Picker symbol will appear behind it. For example:


DOI 10.1007/s12243-010-0196-9

ISBN download

When you click the Picker icon next to an ISBN, the Picker searches for the book's bibliographic information and saves it in your Citavi project. The Picker does not search the page displayed in your browser, but instead searches the databases that you have selected in Citavi under Project settings > ISBN download. Catalogs are searched beginning from the top of the list. If a database provides no results, the next one is searched.

DOI Search

Citavi searches for metadata for DOI addresses in Pubmed, und


If you have a long list of references with many ISBN or DOI addresses, you do not need to add them individually. Instead, copy the entire block of text. Open your Citavi Project. Click Add new_o_black. Select DOI, ISBN, PubMed-, PMC-, arXiv-ID. Press Ctrl+V to paste the contents of the Clipboard into the field. Citavi will extract the identifiers from the text, search for the information, and import the reference data into your project.

Sometimes no bibliographic information is found for an ISBN number. When that happens, it is due to the database selected for the ISBN download. Otherwise, the ISBN might have been typed incorrectly on the website. Then the Picker will either not find any bibliographic information at all or false information.