Using RSS Feeds

After you have subscribed to a feed, messages will begin to appear on the Citavi Welcome Screen. For each message, you can decide whether the information is irrelevant and should be hidden or whether you want to use the information it contains.

Showing and hiding notifications

Adding Reference Information from an RSS Feed 

If you see an article or book in an RSS feed that you would like to save in your Citavi project, click the Citavi symbolcitavi_symbol_16px_o. The icon appears automatically after ISBN numbers, DOI names, PubMed IDs and a few other identifiers. Citavi searches for the bibliographic information and asks which project the reference information should be saved to.

If the Citavi icon does not appear, click the item in the RSS feed to open the webpage containing additional information for the reference. There you can usually find a way to export the bibliographic information. You can then import the information in Citavi.