Working Online and Offline

Projects created with Citavi Web can also be edited offline with the desktop client Citavi 6 for Windows. To open and edit your projects, you will need a Citavi 6 license.

  1. Download the setup files for Citavi 6 for Windows from our website
  2. Log in to Citavi 6 with the same account information you use for Citavi Web.
  3. Click Open project.
  4. You will find the projects you created in Citavi Web under the Cloud tab.

After you have opened the project once, you can continue to work offline in the future.


You can also create projects offline in Citavi Windows and later upload them to the Cloud to share them with other team members or work with them in Citavi Web. In Citavi for Windows, go to the File menu and click > Copy to the Cloud.