Adding a Journal Issue

When adding entire issues of a journal, there are three different cases to consider:

hmtoggle_plus1 Special Issue of a Journal

Special issues, like edited books, consist solely of contributions pertaining to a particular subject. If this characteristic is met, you should add the issue as a Special issue. Additional characteristics of special issues may include the following:

  • The editor of the issue is not the usual editor or editorial team.
  • The issue follows separate page numbering.
  • The issue has its own ISBN number (in addition to the ISSN number, which identifies the periodical).

However, like edited books, a special issue or supplement is not normally cited directly. It is customary to cite the specific contribution in the special issue, including the author of the contribution and the page numbers. For these, use the Contribution reference type.

hmtoggle_plus1 Issue of a Journal

Some issues of a periodical appear to be special issues, but in fact are normal issues which simply have one topic highlighted on the cover. These issues follow the regular pagination of the journal. Treat these as ordinary journals and add the contributions using the regular Journal article reference type.

hmtoggle_plus1 Gray Areas

Some popular magazines publish issues dedicated to specific topics. Generally, these are unsuitable for use in scholarly works because they are not peer-reviewed. For this reason, there is no reference type in Citavi intended for these references. In principle, a special issue of a magazine could be added as an edited book, but this may be problematic.