Customizing Quick Help

Almost every window in Citavi has Quick Help instructions for every field and control to help you enter information correctly and help you understand options. You can customize the Quick Help texts to add extra information for your particular situation.

  1. For text fields, place the insertion point into the field whose help text you want to modify. For other controls, move the mouse over the control, then move directly to the Quick Help area without moving the mouse over other controls.
  2. Press Ctrl+Shift+F12.
  3. Citavi opens the Quick Help text in a text editor, where you can change it as needed.
  4. The new Quick Help text will be shown as soon as you switch to a different field or tab and then switch back.

To revert to the original text, delete the custom help file from the Custom Help folder, located by default in Dokuments\Citavi 4\Custom Help.