Managing Lists

When you add and edit references, there are many words and names you use repeatedly, such as the names of authors, libraries, and organizations. When you enter one of these in a reference, Citavi automatically remembers it in the list. Then, when you add or edit another reference, Citavi automatically shows you the list when you begin to type. Click a suggestion to accept it, or use the arrow keys if necessary and then press Tab or Enter to accept. To reject a suggestion, keep typing, or press Esc.

Citavi keeps lists for the following fields: Persons and organizations, Keywords, Periodicals, Publishers, Libraries, and Series.

You can edit these lists to change incorrect entries, delete old entries, add new ones, and add notes to entries. The list also lets you see which references use a particular list item. To view and edit a list, switch to the Reference editor or Knowledge Organizer, and on the Lists menu click the list you want to edit.

hmtoggle_plus1Editing, Deleting, and Merging List Entries

On the Lists menu, click the list you want to edit.

  • To edit a list item, double click it or click Edi.
  • To delete unused entries, on the Edit menu, click Select unused and then click Delete or press Ctrl+Delete

Hint: To delete all list entries you no longer need, in the Reference Editor on the File menu, click Project properties. Switch to the Statistics tab and click Delete unused items.

  • To merge two items (for example, two keywords that mean the same thing, or two spellings of a person's name), highlight the two items you want to merge, then click Merge. Alternatively, you can drag one item onto another to merge them.
hmtoggle_plus1Importing Lists from Other Citavi Projects

To use a list of keywords, persons, or publications in another project, you can import a list from another Citavi project:

  1. Open the destination project.
  2. On the Lists menu, select the list you want to import into the destination project.
  3. On the File menu, click Import from Citavi project. Select the project that contains the list you want to import. The new entries are imported into the destination project.
hmtoggle_plus1Special Case: Places of Publication

Citavi remembers the names of places you enter (for example, place of publication). When entering new references, you can choose an existing name to save time. Just click the arrow in the Place of publication field and then click the place you want to use.

To delete or edit a place name, just edit or clear the name in the field.