Printing a Compilation of Quotations and Thoughts

You can print all of your quotations (both text and image) and thoughts. If you have used categories to group quotations and thoughts, the items will be grouped accordingly.

slideshow-icon        Saving Quotations and Thoughts as a Compilation

hmtoggle_plus1 Saving Quotations and Thoughts as a Compilation

  1. Switch to the Knowledge Organizer.
  2. On the File menu, choose Print task list or in the toolbar click Task list or press F12.

hmtoggle_plus1 Saving Quotations and Thoughts with Options

  1. In the Knowledge Organizer on the File menu, click Save compilation, and then click Save with options.
  2. Select the knowledge items you want to include in the compilation:
    • All knowledge items in the project
    • Knowledge items in the current category or Knowledge items in the current category and its subcategories, if you have categories selected
    • The n selected knowledge items, if you have quotations or thoughts selected.
  1. Select whether the compilation should be "formatted" or "preliminary":
    • Formatted: With references and bibliography in selected citation style to print a finished compilation, including a bibliography. A finished compilation is useful for showing your work in progress to someone else..
    • Preliminary: With placeholders for later use with Format publication to print a preliminary compilation with no bibliography and with placeholders instead of citations.
  1. Click OK to save the compilation.