Short titles, Citations, and Citation Keys

hmtoggle_plus1 Short Titles Help Identify a Reference in a Citavi Project.

Every new reference you enter in Citavi is given a short title used to identify it within a project. Citavi automatically generates a short title for every reference, but you can change it at any time. Citavi creates the short title following this model: "Bawden 2001 – Information and Digital Literacies". The last name is first, followed by the year of publication, then a dash, and then the first few words of the title. To change the short title, you can double-click it, or you can hover the mouse pointer over the short title that appears just below the toolbar and then click Edit. Type the new short title and then click OK.
The Citavi short title is not intended for use in your formatted paper.

Klicken zum Vergrößern

Click the short title and then click the pencil icon.

Klicken zum Vergrößern

In the short title window, type the new short title and click OK.

hmtoggle_plus1 Citations are Used to Identify a Reference Cited in a Publication

Citations are used in your paper to cite references whose full bibliographic information is given in the bibliography. A typical in-text citation might look like this: (Bawden 2013).

hmtoggle_plus1 Citation Keys Allow you to Display a Cited Reference in a Shortened Form

There are two reasons why you might use citation keys.

  • In the humanities and social sciences, some citation styles require a full footnote citation for the first mention of a work. The second time a work is cited, a Shortened form of the title is used. Citavi can make a suggestion, for example the first two words leaving out any articles, but you still should check the citation keys and edit them if necessary, since Citavi is unable to tell what the most important words in the title are. The entire footnote for the repeated citation might also include the last name of the author, the year, and the quoted pages in addition to the citation key: Miller et al., Home economics, 1954, S. 14-15
  • Certain citation styles in the fields of mathematics and computer science require an abbreviated citation key for in-text citations. For example, this type of citation key might consist of the first letters of the last names of the first three authors and a two-digit year: [MüScWe09].

For both of these citation styles, Citavi offers theCitation key feature. In the chapter Customizing citation keys you can learn more.