System Requirements

hmtoggle_plus1 Operating Systems

  • Windows 8, 7 oder Vista
  • Windows Server 2008
  • Windows Server 2012

Citavi 4 does not support Windows XP, since Citavi 4 uses the most recent version of the .NET Framework, .NET 4.5. This .NET version is not offered by Windows for Windows XP.

hmtoggle_plus1 Other programs

The Citavi Picker browser extensions require Internet Explorer version 10 or later (32 bit or 64 bit), Firefox version 20 or later, or Google Chrome version 20 or later. The Picker for Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat require version 9 or later of either program.

The Citavi Add-In for Micrsoft Word requires Word 2013, 2010, 2007 or 2003

The Publication Assistant requires Word 2013, 2010, 2007 or 2003, OpenOffice 4, LibreOffice 4, or one of the following TeX editors: LEd, LyX, TeXMaker, TeXnicCenter, TeXstudio, TeXworks, WinEdt oder WinShell.

hmtoggle_plus1 Memory Requirements

Citavi projects are loaded to RAM when the project is opened. Although there is no technical limitation to a project's size, we recommend limiting the size in order to not overload the RAM and to load the project quickly. We offer following values as a guideline:


No Knowledge Items (Quotations, etc.)

Knowledge Items (Quotations, etc.)

4 GB

50,000 references

25,000 references

8 GB

100,000 references

50,000 references

hmtoggle_plus1 Administrator Rights

In order to install Citavi, you must have administrator rights for your computer. Talk to your system administrator if you do not.

hmtoggle_plus1 Requirements for Using Citavi Team

All team members need a license for Citavi Team or for Citavi Reader.

Team projects must be saved on a Windows network share (LAN) that all team members have access to.

The network can be peer-to-peer or server-based.

If you want to work on a project online (WAN), you must make sure that the SMB/CIFS protocol is supported, which is usually not the case. unterstützen.

The following are not supported:

  •    A LAN using Samba
  •    A WAN in combination with WebDAV, Remote FTP, Dropbox or any similar protocol or online service.

Make sure that the folder in which the Team project is saved does not use the Windows offline files feature.

hmtoggle_plus1 Citavi on an Application Server

If you don't want to install Citavi locally, you can install the program on a central application server. Please contact Citati Support to discuss the licensing.

hmtoggle_plus1 Do not choose to make Citavi files available offline

Windows makes it possible to access files in network folders even if the folders are not available. You can select files that should be available offline with the option Always available offline. Windows then automatically creates copies of the file on your computer.

Do not use the Always available offline feature for Citavi project files or folders in which Citavi project files are saved.