Ibid, cf.

Citavi helps you with specialized formatting for your citations.

hmtoggle_plus1 Using "Ibid" for Repeated Citations

When using a footnote style you may only want a complete citation the first time a source is cited. If the source is cited two times in a row you may want to use "ibid." If the reference is cited later on in the document, you may just want to use a shortened form of the citation.

1 Claudia Müller: Lernen im Wandel. Bern 2013, p. 14.
2Ibid., p. 24
3 Peer Schmidt: Die Wissensgesellschaft. Hamburg 1999, p. 98f.
4 Müller, Lernen, pp. 104-105.

The citation style you select determines whether "ibid." or "ibidem" is applied. You just have to choose the right style, for example "Chicago 16th (notes)".

hmtoggle_plus1 Using Cf. for Indirect  Quotations

In your citation style you can tell Citavi to automatically insert "cf." or "see" in front of indirect quotations.

If you have not been managing your quotations with Citavi, you might want to insert "cf." or "see" in front of a reference inserted into your document. Select the reference you want and then click Insert advanced. Enter "cf." or "see" in the Prefix field.