Selecting a citation style

The citation style determines the formatting of your bibliography: abbreviated or full author names, italicized journal titles, "see also" references in the footnotes, etc. Several citation styles are preinstalled with Citavi, and you can seamlessly switch to other styles from our library of thousands of styles.


Make sure to also select the style you want to use in the Word Add-In and not only in Citavi.

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On the Citation menu, click Citation style and then select Browse citation styles.

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Click Find and add style.

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Type the name of the citation style in the Name box.

You can also search for a citation style by the citation format you want. To begin, first select a Citation system, for example, Footnote full citation.

Select the style you want to use. Click Add.


Are we missing a style you need? The Citavi Support team is happy to create a style for a journal or publishing house. Use our online request form. This service is free of charge for licensed users.

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