Adding Tasks (Turquoise Highlight)

Assign a task to a text passage that you want to complete later.

Selecting Text and Assigning a Task

  1. Use the text selection tool to select the text you want to highlight: Icon: Textauswahl-Werkzeug
  2. Click the Task icon: Icon: Aufgabe
  3. Select the task you want to assign.

The turquoise highlight on the left margin of your PDF document shows you the text passage that is linked with the task.

Deleting Turquoise Highlights.

A turquoise highlight lets you know that the highlighted text passage is linked to a task (see Adding tasks to text passages).

  1. Right-click the turquoise highlight in the margin.
  2. On the shortcut menu, select Delete.
  3. Citavi asks if you only want to delete the highlight or if you want to delete the highlight and its corresponding Citavi item (i.e. the task).
  4. Select what you want to delete and click OK.