Organizing References with Categories

Category management is at the core of Citavi. Categories allow you to group references, quotations and thoughts that are related in some way and are extremely helpful in the writing process. Category systems are in essence the same as outlines. An effective writing process requires a clear vision of the topic, problem, the object being studied, and the intended statement, and the outline should reflect this vision. Of course, as you write your ideas will evolve and your outline will necessarily change as well. Citavi's category management functions support you throughout this process and provide the flexibility to continuously update your category system.

You can create a category system for any Citavi project and modify it at any time. A category system can also be copied to other Citavi projects or exported to a word processor (for example, Microsoft Word) or to a mind mapping program. Citavi can even import a Microsoft Word outline as a category system, as long as certain conditions are adhered to.