Don't Manually Change Citavi Fields

If you insert a reference from your project into your document, the information is inserted as a Word field. After inserting a field you cannot make manual changes to it, for example by adding page numbers. This also applies to the bibliography that Citavi also inserts as a field. Each time the document is refreshed, any manual changes will be overwritten.


You can display fields with shading, so that you don't inadvertently change a field. This field shading will not appear when you print your document. On the Citavi pane click View > Field shading > Always.

Citavi fields behave the same as other fields in Word. For example, when you automatically create a table of contents from your headings, you also cannot manually add text to the table of contents.

Adding Page Numbers

If you want to cite page numbers for a citation such as (Miller 1994), click the field. In the Word Add-In on the Citations tab, the reference is selected. Enter the page numbers in the Page range field. After you leave the field, the citation will be updated in your document.

Correcting Typos

If you notice that an author name is misspelled, click the field in Word. In the Word Add-In on the Citations tab, the reference is selected. Right-click the reference and select Edit in Citavi. Correct the name in your Citavi project. When you switch back to Word, all citations for the reference are updated.

Correcting Formatting

If you want author names to appear with different formatting, for example in small caps, change your citation style or edit the citation style you are using. After changing or editing the style, all citations are updated.