Formatting tab

Default Text Style for Formattable Text Fields


Changes you will make here do not affect existing text.

The default text style for formattable text fields (abstract, table of contents, quotations, thoughts) is 9-point Segoe UI. You can change this setting. Click Default to restore the default style.

Knowledge Items: Quote Knowledge Items As


These settings do not apply if you are using Citavi's Word Add-In.

Set how knowledge items (quotations, summaries, etc.) should be copied or inserted into your Word processor.

Text, citations, and bibliography
Copies the knowledge item text with citations and a bibliography.

Text and placeholders:
Copies the knowledge item text with placeholders for later use with the Format publication feature.

Placeholders only:
Copies only the placeholders for the references the knowledge items belong to. The text of the knowledge items is not copied.

Date Format

In some date fields (for example Access date) you can right-click to insert the current date. Here you can set the date format that Citavi should use.

Year Derived Includes Original publication

The Year derived component is used primarily in the citation style editor. It derives the year of publication of a reference in the following order:

  1. Date of the reference
  2. Year of the reference
  3. Date of the parent reference
  4. Year of the parent reference

For each of these, Year derived checks if the field exists in the reference type and whether it contains anything.

When this option is selected, Year derived first checks whether a year is present in the Original publication field (of the reference or its parent reference) and uses it if present.