Highlight Only (Yellow Highlights)

The yellow highlighter lets you quickly set off important sections of a text. Yellow highlights are only visible in your PDF and are not saved as knowledge items. The yellow highlighter is ideal for quickly going through a text and picking out important sections. It lets you highlight important passages in a PDF file just as you would on paper.

Quickly Highlight in Yellow

  1. Click the yellow highlighter: Icon: Gelb markieren
  2. The highlighter is now active. Select the interesting passages in your text to highlight them. The highlighter will remain active.

Using the Text Selection Tool with the Yellow Highlighter

When the yellow highlighter is activated, it stays activated (see above). Sometimes you might want to switch between yellow highlighting and the other annotation options. If this is the case, use the text selection tool.

  1. Use the text selection tool to select the text you want to highlight: Icon: Textauswahl-Werkzeug
  2. Click the yellow highlighter: Icon: Gelb markieren

Deleting Yellow Highlights

  1. Right-click a yellow highlight.
  2. On the shortcut menu, select Delete.
  3. A warning message appears. Click OK.

Saving Yellow Highlights as Knowledge Items

Yellow highlights only appear in your PDF and are not also saved as knowledge items. However, you can later change a yellow highlight so that it is saved as a knowledge item, for example, if you decide you would like to save a text passage as a direct quotation.

  1. Click a yellow highlight. You then will see various annotation options in the toolbar:
  2. Select one of the options, for example, Direct quotation or Task.