Importing from RefMe

Citavi can import bibliographies created with RefMe:

  1. Open your project in RefMe.
  2. Click Export.
  3. Select the Zotero option (RefMe saves this information in RIS format, which can be imported by any bibliographic software.)
  4. Citavi recognizes the file type and offers to import the information in one your Citavi projects. Select the project you want.
  5. Citavi will ask you to double check the character encoding and the order or author names. Make corrections if needed and click Next.
  6. Citavi opens the Import window. If you want, you can select individual references. Otherwise, all references in the list will be imported.
  7. Click Add to project to complete the import.

Some reference types (for example, Hearing) are not available in Citavi. Any references without a corresponding reference type will be be given the Unknown reference type