Scanner tab

You can use a bar code scanner or scanning pen to quickly enter the ISBN numbers of books and other media.

Bar Code Scanner: Symbol CS1504

The Symbol CS1504 bar code scanner from Motorola is a handy product for scanning ISBN numbers. It has an internal memory of around 150 numbers.

Bar Code Scanner: Opticon OPN-2001

The Opticon scanner is another handy model similar to the CS1504. Its memory can hold over 5000 bar codes.

Bar Code Scanner: Scanndy or SmartScanndy

The Scanndy and SmartScanndy scanners from Panmobil offer larger internal memory than the CS1504.

Bar Code Scanner: Other or No Scanner

If you do not own a scanner supported by Citavi, or you are using a scanner that simulates a keyboard (such as most text scanning pens and corded bar code scanners) select Other or no Scanner.

Communication: Autodetect

Click Start to automatically detect the port your scanner is connected to. This can take a couple of seconds.

Communication: Port

Though the bar code scanners connect via USB, data transfer occurs through a COM port. Because your computer may have multiple COM ports, you can set which one the scanner uses, if you know it. Otherwise, use Autodetect.

Clear Scanner Memory after Transfer

Select this option if you want the scanner memory to be cleared once the bar codes have been transferred.