New in Citavi 5

If you were working with Citavi 3 or Citavi 4 team projects until now, see the table for what has changed in Citavi 5. (Citavi for DBServer is the edition we now recommend for larger teams)

Citavi 3 or Citavi 4

Citavi for Windows

To work with others in a team on projects, you need a license for Citavi Team.

The difference between Citavi Pro and Citavi Team no longer exists. Citavi for Windows includes both types of licenses.

When creating a project, you must choose to create either a Solo or Team project.

Every project created in Citavi can be worked on in a team.

To access a project with read-only rights, you need a license for Citavi Reader. With Citavi Reader you could not create or edit team projects.

To access a project with more than 100 references with read-only rights, you need Ciavi Free. With Citavi Free you can edit projects containing up to 100 references.

Team projects can be password protected and and roles with different permissions can be assigned: Author, Reader, Manager.

It's no longer possible to protect projects with a password.

If the project is saved on a network drive, all Citavi users with access to the network drive can open the project. If you need to regulate access, ask your system administrator to protect access to the folder in which the project was saved.

You can view changes to a team project by clicking Team project at the bottom right of Citavi.

This feature is still available, but the button now is labeled Recent changes.

Conflicts were solved at the entity level.

Conflict management now occurs at the field level and has thus been improved in comparison to previous versions.