Viewing Linked Sections of a PDF

Citavi automatically links each highlight in a PDF file to the corresponding knowledge item or task in Citavi. For example, if you excerpt a quotation from a PDF file, you can jump to the corresponding highlight in the document by clicking the Show in PDF icon Icon: Zeige in PDF. You can find this icon in the Reference Editor on the Quotations, Comments and Tasks & Locations tabs. In the Word Add-In the icon can be found on the Knowledge and Chapters tab.

The Content tab also allows for viewing linked Abstracts and Table of contents in the PDF fileIcon: Noch nicht verknüpft. You can add an abstract or table of contents by opening a PDF file in the Citavi preview pane: Select the text you want to save and click More > Abstract or More > Table of Contents. The icon Show in PDF Icon: Zeige in PDFis now displayed.