Assigning a Project to a Document

To insert information from Citavi into a Word document, you need to assign a project to your document. Each document can only have one Citavi project assigned to it at a time.

Assign a Project to a Document

  1. Open a new document in Word or open an existing document.
  2. Open your Citavi project.
  3. On the Citavi tab, click Citavi pane.
  4. Under Open projects click the name of the project.
  5. In the task pane, you can see the project information for insertion under the Reference and Knowledge tabs.

Switch project

If you need to, you can assign a different project to the document. References and knowledge items already inserted remain in the Word document. You can copy these references into the new project.

  1. Open the Word document that already has a Citavi project assigned to it.
  2. In Word, switch to the Citavi tab.
  3. On the Citavi ribbon, click the Project drop-down menu and then click Assign other.
  4. Select a Citavi 5 project.

Copy references From a Document into a New Project

You've already begun inserting references and knowledge items from Project A into your document. Now you want to continue working with Project B and have switched projects. You now want to copy references in the Word document from Project A into Project B.

  1. Open the Word document that has Project B assigned to it.
  2. In Word, switch to the Citavi tab.
  3. Click Convert.
  4. Click Copy references from document to Citavi project. Citavi copies bibliographic information for the references that you had had in Project A into Project B. Note: Citavi does not copy the contents of knowledge items to Project B.

Avoid inserting references from different projects in the same document as this can cause problems if Citavi tries to resolve ambiguous authors. Inserting references from different projects also leads to unexpected results if you save a copy of your document with placeholders. If you previously inserted references from different projects, you can copy references into the project that is assigned to the document by following the steps above. Please note that only the bibliographic information will be copied into the project.