Formatting Names of Periodicals

In some disciplines it's common not to list the full name of a periodical or series, but to use an abbreviation instead. In Citavi you can enter up to three abbreviations for each journal or series. To do so click, in the Reference editor, click Lists > Periodicals or Lists > Series.

Select Abbreviation 1 for abbreviations with periods (Med. Arch. J.), Abbreviation 2 for abbreviations without periods (Med Arch J) and Abbreviation 3 for compact abbreviations (MAJ).

In the Citation Style Editor you can determine whether the full name of a periodical or series should be used or one of the abbreviations. Select the Periodical component and click Edit component. Select the desired abbreviation.


Select the Fall back to next available name checkbox. If a periodical or series has no abbreviation the full name will then be used.