Don't Misuse the Punctuation Fields

You want the year to appear in parentheses in your citation style. You entered an opening parenthesis in the Punctuation before field for the Year derived component. In the Punctuation after field you entered a closing parenthesis. You then add the Title after the Year derived component. In the Citation Style Editor preview, the closing parenthesis disappears.


Only use the punctuation fields for periods, commas, semicolons, colons, spaces, non-breaking spaces, tabs, and returns. For everything else, create components with text elements instead.

When both Punctuation before and Punctuation after are present between two components, Punctuation before always "wins". The Punctuation before field overwrites the Punctuation after field for the previous component.

Imagine that you are assembling the citation in reverse, starting with the last item in the template. Always ask yourself which punctuation should appear in front of a component and enter this punctuation in the Punctuation before field. You can almost always ignore the Punctuation after field.