Setting Date Formats

You often need to cite dates and years. Using the Citation Style Editor you can make sure that date formats are consistent in your list of references.

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Select the desired component and click Edit component.

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Using the placeholders d, M, and y, enter the desired date format.


Should dates appear in parentheses? Add the parentheses as Text elements.

Date formats

d = single-digit day
dd = day in double digits
D = day written out
M = single-digit month
MM = month in double digits
MMM = Abbreviated month
MMMM = Month written out
yy = year in double digits
yyyy = year in four digits


MMM d, yyyy = Feb 27, 2013
yyyy = 2013
yy-MM-dd = 13-02-27

In Press Publications

Occasionally you may want to cite works that have not yet been published. When this is the case, on the Reference tab right-click in the Date or Year field and select In press. In the Citation Style Editor you can then define what text appears when this placeholder has been chosen. For example, you can choose to have the text "in press" or "forthcoming" be inserted. Please also note the special characteristics of the Year derived component.