Sharing Citation Styles

You can easily send a citation style you create yourself to other Citavi users:

  1. In the folder Documents\Citavi 5\Custom Citation Styles select the style.
  2. Attach the file to an email or make it available for downloading on a website.
  3. The recipient saves the file in the local folder Documents\Citavi 5\Custom Citation Styles.

Please note:

If a custom citation style contains errors, Citavi will automatically move the style to the folder Documents\Citavi 5\Custom Citation Styles\Disabled Styles upon starting. This folder contains the style and a text file with information on the error. If the error was caused by a problem in a programmed condition, component, or sorting, the code needs to be replaced. Current codes can be found in our FAQs (in German only). If the error was caused by a duplicate CitaviCitationStyle-ID, create a new GUID online. Open the style in a text editor and replace the CitaviCitationStyle-ID in line 2.

If you want to share a citation style across your organization, you can create and distribute a settings file:

  1. Save the citation style file on a network drive that all Citavi users can access.
  2. In Citavi on the Tools menu, click Options > Folders.
  3. Click Administrative Settings Assistant.
  4. Under 3. Administrator Settings click Export to AdminSettings.csd.
  5. Click Browse and select the folder in which the citation style file was saved.
  6. Click Export to save the AdminSettings.csd file.
  7. Copy the file to all internal Citavi installations  – for example, using your software distribution system  – to the folder C:\Program Files (x86)\Citavi 5\bin. The next time you start Citavi it will recognize the path as an additional location for custom citation styles.