Types of Template Conditions

The citation style determines how individual reference types should appear in the text or in the footnotes and list of references. As you've seen in the previous chapter, the Citation Style Editor lets you define conditional templates for formatting that differs from the default formatting for a certain reference type.

In the Citation Style Editor you can choose from many condition types:

Conditions Based on Reference Data

Citavi checks if a field contains an entry or not.


For journal articles, the year of publication should appear in parentheses (Default). However, if the Volume field does not contain an entry, parentheses should not appear around the year (new template with the condition "Volume" field is empty).

Conditions Based on Switches Inside the Placeholder

Citavi checks if a reference inserted with the Word Add-In or the Publication Assistant has been inserted with an option. You can use these options to define formatting for special cases.


In a footnote style you would like the full citation to appear the first time a reference is cited (Default template). If the reference is cited again (new template with the condition "Consecutive citation (same reference)"), the word ibid. should appear. However, you do not want "ibid." to be the first footnote on a new page. Since Citavi cannot tell where a page break is, you need to define a new template using one of the options so that you can override the insertion of "ibid." on a new page. You would create a new template that inserts a full or shortened citation when you insert a refernce with "/option1".

Conditions Based on Cross References Inside the Publication

Citavi checks if and where a reference was already inserted in your document.


You insert a reference in a footnote and then insert additional references. You then insert the first reference again. Instead of inserting a full citation again you would like a cross reference to the first footnote citation to appear every time the citation is cited after the first citation (new template with the condition "Reference was cited in a previous footnote (but not in the preceding footnote)".

Programmed Custom Conditions Available in Current Citation Style

The conditions in Citavi already available in Citavi cover most usage scenarios. Occasionally, you may need a special programmed condition.


In a bibliography the name of a specific author should always be bolded.