Importing Journal Abbreviations

Many citation styles in the Life Sciences require names of journals to be abbreviated in the bibliography. For example, instead of The New England Journal of Medicine the abbreviation New Eng J Med or NEJM would be used. In your project, you can add abbreviations manually under Lists > Periodicals after double-clicking a journal name.

The Import journal abbreviations add-on can add all the abbreviations for a particular abbreviation list at once.

  1. On the Tools menu, click Manage add-ons.
  1. Select the Import journal abbreviations add-on. Then, click Install and restart Citavi.
  2. On the Lists menu, click Periodicals.
  3. Click Import journal abbreviations.
  4. Select the list source:
    1. From a file (see below)
    2. From PubMed if you're working with medical journals
    3. From the University of British Columbia if you're working with periodicals in the Natural Sciences.

Importing From a File

The list of periodicals to be imported needs to be saved as a .txt file and needs to fulfill the following requirements:

The following are some examples of valid formats: