Updating Reference Information

This add-on requires Citavi 6.5 or later.

When you are working with a project that has many references with incomplete citation data, a portion of these references will have PubMed IDs or DOIs. You may wish to use these identifiers to overwrite the citation data you have with the full data from PubMed or CrossRef.

This add-on searches your project for references with a PubMed ID or DOI and runs a query for each identifier it finds. As soon as PubMed delivers the complete citation data, Citavi uses it to overwrite the existing citation data. If PubMed does not deliver any data or if the reference only has a DOI, a query is sent to CrossRef.

  1. On the Tools menu, click Manage add-ons.
  2. Select the Use PMID to update reference information add-on. Then, click Install and restart Citavi.
  3. On the References menu, click Update bibliographic information.
  4. Select whether abstracts, table of contents, keywords, and notes should be overwritten or remain the same.
  5. Click OK.