Adding Text-Related Tasks

If you work with a PDF file in the Citavi preview pane, you can create tasks for specific passages in the PDF document.

When analyzing texts you will sometimes come across passages that you can't use right away. Perhaps a passage was too difficult the first time around or perhaps you want to discuss it with others. Or maybe you want to double-check the claims made in a particular passage. In such cases you'll want to create a task related to the text passage.

Creating Text-Related Tasks 

  1. Use the text selection tool to select the text you want to highlight: Icon: Text selection tool
  2. Click Task.
  3. Select one of the tasks: Discuss, Examine and assess, Go through bibliography, Read.
  4. Citavi creates a new task linked to the text passage. A chain symbol appears next to the task to show you that it is linked Icon: link between task and text.

To jump from the task directly to the text passage in the PDF, click the chain symbol.