Performing an Advanced Online Search

  1. In the Reference Editor on the toolbar, click Online search and then click Go to advanced search.
  2. Add additional catalogs or databases by referring to Selecting Information Providers.
  3. Select the checkboxes for the sources you want to search.
  4. Select a field to search (for example, in PubMed, the MeSH Terms field) and type your search term (for example, measles).
  5. Add more fields if necessary (for example, in PubMed, another MeSH Terms field for disease outbreaks and Year, to find results from the year 2010.
  6. Type parentheses and select Boolean operators (AND, NOT, or OR) to structure the search logic if necessary.
  7. Click Search to begin the search. You can cancel the search if you are receiving too many results.
  8. Select the checkboxes next to the search results you want to add to your project. If you want to add them all, you can skip this step. Click Add to project. If you selected checkboxes in the previous step, you can now choose if you want to import all references or only the selected references.
  9. The search results are applied as a selection. When you are done looking over them, click Cancel selection.


MeSH-Terms = measles AND MeSH-Terms = disease outbreaks AND (Year = 2008 OR Year = 2009 OR Year = 2010)
Library of Congress:
Author = Goethe AND (Keywords = drama* OR Keywords = fiction*)