Assigning Categories

Categories help you organize references, thoughts, or quotations in your project. The Knowledge Organizer lets you see all of your thoughts and quotations arranged by category. You can also print this overview as a compilation.

Assigning Categories to a Reference

  1. In the Reference Editor switch to the Context tab.
  2. Click Categories.
  3. Select the checkboxes for the categories you want to assign.
  4. Click OK.

Assigning a Category to One or More References in the Reference Editor

  1. In the Reference Editor on the toolbar above the navigation area, click Show categories to show the categories column. Alternatively, click View > Show category column.
  2. Hold the Ctrl key and click references to select them. Then, drag them to the desired category.

Assigning Categories to Multiple References in the Table View

  1. In the Reference Editor click Table and select the references you want.
  2. On the References menu, click Batch modify > Assign categories.
  3. Click the category you want to assign (or hold the Ctrl key and click to select multiple categories).
  4. Click OK.

Assigning Categories to a Quotation or Thought

  1. Create a new Quotation or Thought.
  2. Enter the text of the quotation or thought. Then click Categories.
  3. Select one or more checkboxes to assign categories. Use the arrow buttons to navigate from category to category. Press the Spacebar to select a category.
  4. Click OK.