Backups for Word Documents

Citavi automatically creates backups of Word documents created with the Citavi Word Add-In. These backups are saved in the same folder the Citavi project backups are saved in. In the folder for a project, you'll find a file with the .bak extension. This is an XML file containing all the references cited in your Word file.

Restoring a Word File from a Backup

  1. Switch to the folder where your backups are saved. By default this folder is Documents\Citavi 6\Backup.
  2. Switch to the folder that has the same name as the project.
  3. Switch to the folder with the name of the Word document you created with Citavi's Word Add-In.
  4. You will see your most recent backups. The file name contains [Citavi Backup] and the date when the backup was created. Double-click a backup to open it.