Choosing Search Terms

Choosing the right search terms and joining them into a search query usually takes several steps. The first search terms are found in the title, abstract, or jacket text, or among keywords already used by others in the field to describe the work. You may consider translating the search terms into other languages you know. Use these search terms to perform a search from within Citavi.

Too many results? Your search query may not be precise enough. Try to find additional or different search terms that may describe the subject more accurately. Take a look at relevant results from your first search and use their keywords or subject headings to perform a new search.

Too few results, or none at all? You may be searching with the wrong search terms or in the wrong places. Try using synonyms of your initial search terms and seek help from a librarian or other specialist for finding better information sources for your particular subject area.


Review the keywords imported with the search results from bibliographic databases or library catalogs. You may find useful search terms among them that will help you in future searches.