Using Command Line Commands

With these commands you can install or unintall Citavi programs:

Uninstalling Citavi 5 by Command Line

If Citavi 5 should be replaced by Citavi 6, uninstall Citavi 5 first:

msiexec /x {7EB278FB-0C3C-445E-8665-4A6CDD9B794E} /q

Install, Reinstall, or Uninstall Citavi 6 by Command Line

Install for the first time or update (here in gray: without Desktop shortcuts and start menu icon):

​msiexec /i Citavi6Setup.msi /q REINSTALLMODE=vomus REINSTALL=ALL

Uninstall Citavi 6:
msiexec /x {6A331045-8FF4-4BC9-9C56-E593ACAE28C2}  /q

If You're Having Trouble Installing Citavi...

If you experience any problems while installing Citavi, try installing again or try uninstalling Citavi and create a log file to send to the Citavi support team:

msiexec /i Citavi6Setup.msi /q /L "C:\Logfile.txt"

Send the log file and your description of the error to